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→ …..a proud saiyan prince.

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Gotta be pretty for when Frieza kills him.

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Vegeta having red eyes in the full colored manga

Can’t believe it takes me that long to realize Saiyan Arc Vegeta is my top favorite villain and why I decided that. 

Compared to all the other “main” villains in both DB and DBZ in terms of personality features and traits of a classic villian, he basically has NOTHING besides his own pride and ego.

Tao Pai Pai has his sick, cruel way of killing such as with a TONGUE and he’s just a human. Piccolo Daimao would kill his “savior” after being released and kill Shen Long after he granted his wish like a real cunning, ruthless, tortless being. Raditz tortured and killed his own brother like a sadist.

Frieza is said by the creator himself to be everything he’s scared of :  His evil, cunning doings, sardonic wit, use of very eloquent language, own reign and “overlord” title, his refusal to tolerate military insurrection. Cell excelled in one-on-one fighting talents and smarts just like Goku. Super Buu has his clever way to absorb people and stealing their traits, Kid Buu knows nothing but killing and destruction. 

And ALL of them are smarter than this short little shit with a receeding hairline and princeling complex and paranoia. 

Yet NONE of them ever breaks our hero. Beat him , kill him yes but not BREAK him.

Vegeta breaks Goku and went on destroying all the “techniques” that worked with all the other villain : Team work„ “mercy”, mysterious higher power, transforming, self destruct, last ditch effort… 

That link is all the why Vegeta is my favorite. He was overrated as a good guy and SOO underrated as the bad guy. 

Basically the Vegeta battle felt like the most “all out” epic fight of the series to me for that EXACT reason, that and he was SO fucking tenacious *___* Left a lasting impression.